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Our cork wallets - the sustainable, vegan wallets

In addition to the vegan wallets Push and Classic made of imitation leather, we offer you the model Push and Peak made of the vegan and nature-friendly material cork.

Good, better, cork

Cork is the perfect substitute for leather in every respect and a true all-rounder. Its possible uses are almost unlimited. Cork is the all-rounder from the field of fashion and accessories to the world of wine, as a floor covering in our homes and in construction to insulation against noise, heat and cold. And it is also one of the most sustainable, natural and environmentally friendly raw materials.

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Consistent: For cork production only the bark of the cork oak tree is used, which always grows back. This means that neither an animal has to die nor a tree has to be cut down. A single tree can yield 100 to 200 kg of cork during its 200 year life.

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Natural and sustainable: Cork is one of the most environmentally friendly and sustainable resources. Cork oaks store up to 30% more CO2 than other trees. The cork oaks in Portugal alone absorb 5% of the country's CO2 emissions. Worldwide, 14 million tons of CO2 are bound by cork oak forests.

Wald iconprotection of species: Cork oak forests promote biodiversity and provide a home for the Spanish imperial eagle, the endangered Iberian lynx, the Barbary deer and all plant species.

Leichtgewicht iconLight and pleasant to the touch : Cork is lighter than leather or faux leather, making it perfect for our mini wallets. The material is smooth, soft and warm. Thanks to the pleasant feel, you won't want to put the cork wallet down.

Wasser iconWaterproof and robust: Contrary to popular belief that cork is brittle and tears easily, it is extremely durable and strong. Cork is also fireproof and resistant to dust, dirt and grease.

Kleidungsmaterial iconPerfect for allergy sufferers: Cork is antistatic and therefore does not bind dust. This makes cork products perfect for allergy sufferers. House mites and other small particles cannot settle.

The cork wallet does not wear out quickly or become brittle?

Space Wallet Push Cork

The material plays a crucial role, especially for wallets that are used every day and in which important cards and money have to be kept.

Cork offers the best protection and is extremely durable. Cork is perfect for purses. It is not only waterproof, but also fireproof!

In contrast to real leather, which has to be cared for regularly in order not to become brittle, cork is very easy to care for.

You just have to clean it with a damp cloth from time to time. Neither shape nor color are affected.

Our cork supplier: the expert for sustainable and high-quality cork

When selecting our cork supplier, we paid particular attention to sustainable and fair cork production. It is also important that the cork is of the highest quality, as this is the basis for a long-lasting wallet.

Conscious handling of nature and the environment

With over 150 years of experience, the Jelinek Cork Group (JCG) from Portugal is one of the oldest cork companies in the world and more than met our requirements. The company is committed to working towards the preservation of cork as an ecological and environmentally friendly renewable resource. The range of cork products is made exclusively from trees that live on.

JCG has been involved in numerous environmental initiatives. Among other things, the Bag-a-Cork campaign has encouraged the collection and recycling of used cork bottle tops. These initiatives all have the same goal: no pollution, no waste of raw materials and, where possible, recycling. The company also supports the initiatives of the eco-rating system Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED).

Best quality from the Iberian Peninsula

JCG works with carefully selected cork raw materials from the forests of the Iberian Peninsula in areas of Spain and Portugal. The healthiest and most beautiful cork trees grow there. The cork experts carefully sort the harvested bark of the cork oaks and select only the best cork bark that meets the specific requirements.

The quality control begins with the control of the cork raw materials, carried out at different stages of production, and ends with the control of the finished goods before shipment. The quality of services, communication and logistics are constantly checked.

All about the cork oak

The natural range of the cork oak extends from the Iberian Peninsula to parts of Italy and North Africa. The cork oak is particularly important to Portugal, which is why it is the symbol of many city coats of arms and represents the minting of the Portuguese 2 euro coin in 2007.

Cork oak forests are not only of great importance for the economy. Also for biodiversity and the environment. The numerous forests provide habitat for Iberian lynx, imperial eagle, Barbary deer and all types of plants. As already mentioned, cork oaks store up to 30% more CO2 than other trees. The cork oaks in Portugal alone absorb 5% of the country's CO2 emissions.

The cork oak grows as an evergreen tree that reaches an average height of 10 to 20 meters, or in rare cases up to 25 meters. From the age of 25, the bark of the cork oak can be harvested once every 9 years. A regularly peeled tree lives to be 200 years old and can yield up to 200 kg of cork over its lifetime. The first crop is called "male cork" and is less elastic and brittle. It is mainly used for insulation. Only the following harvests deliver the high-quality "female cork", which is also used for our cork purses. A cork oak can be peeled 5 to 10 times in total.

You can find out more about sustainability in our blog post5 questions for sustainable gifts haben-woller.

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