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5 questions for sustainable gifts haben-woller

A German proverb says that small gifts keep friendship alive. But how often do they end up unused in the basement or even in the garbage after the gifts are given, not to mention the mountains of packaging....

We think there's still something going on. We won't bother you with handicrafts either, because a lot of that ends up in the basement/garbage ;-)

Let's approach the topic a little more fundamentally in terms of sustainability:

1. I give an object or subject?

Or more precisely time with the subject. Less abstract Gift yourself: Give some of your valuable time away by giving away activities together. This can be anything from dinner together to a trip together. The important thing is: together. Closeness instead of distance, time for talks, time for emotions..

Tip: In our experience, parents of adult children appreciate this. They rarely need more things.

2. Is the gift permanent in the world?

If you do want to give a material good as a gift, the question of sustainability arises all the more. The ideal is "cradle to cradle" (Wikipedia), but this is also the hardest to implement.

Is the material easy to recycle??

Space Wallet Push Cork - Kleine Geldbörse aus Kork

For example, we have cork wallets. We present the advantages of this sustainable raw material to youin this blog post before.

The question of durability is also important. Some of our first customers from 2013 are still using their first space wallet. It's good for the environment and we earn from real user recommendations.

Furthermore, it is important to consider the usefulness for the recipient - in other words: will the item actually be used afterwards.

Tip: Food and immaterial goods (e.g. events) are only used for a short period of time, so that there is far less waste here - actually only the packaging. And you are in control of the design.

A counterexample from hell is classic glitter (Arghh): Really durable, but is only used for a short time and quickly ends up in the garbage.

3. Where can I get the gift from??

Yes, Amazon has almost everything. The service is good, the packaging is now okay. The situation of the employees is at least debatable. Sustainability in returns ...

As an alternative, you can, for example, buy it directly from the manufacturer. Small manufacturers - likewe ;-) - are mostly interested in their employees and can pursue long-term goals, since they don't have to pay tribute to shareholders, i.e. short-term profit at any price.

4. How do I wrap the gift?

Why is less even more? Reuse of wrapping paper, ecological materials, natural materials instead of plastic are the key points here..

For example, if youspace wallet given away, it doesn't necessarily need wrapping paper, since the cardboard packaging is nice enough - at least that's what we think.

Space Wallet Push Antique in umweltfreundlicher Kartonverpackung

5. What is the point of giving?

Do you have to give something or do you want to give something. Social convention vs. personal need. Would you like to express gratitude, give pleasure or is it a performance of duty.

Go inside yourself and talk it over with your friends and relatives - times are changing.

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