RFID Protection

RFID protection is very important for any wallet. A RFID protected wallet protects against unauthorized reading of credit cards. Almost all cards nowadays have RFID technology integrated, which is very useful and enables contactless payment. However, RFID can also transmit data unintentionally, which is why card protection is very important.

RFID protection in the wallet with protection cards

Use RFID blockers in your wallet in the form of special protection cards. Simply place them in your wallet behind the last card and in front of the first. This way your entire wallet is shielded and you simply avoid communicating with external readers.

• 2 x RFID protection cards in credit card format

• Patented system

• Protection against data theft

You should protect your RFID cards in the following situations

Flugzeug Abflug iconAirports, Train Stations & Other Public Transportation

Stadt icon Large cities

Strand icon Travel & Holiday

Konfetti icon Festivals, Folk Festivals & Parties

Especially in busy places you should always think about RFID protection. There are often fraudsters on the road who can use simple apps to read personal data from your cards. All you have to do is hold your mobile phone up to your back pocket. Within a few seconds, data is automatically transferred to the thief's smartphone. Hackers can steal data contactlessly, silently and without a trace and thus more easily than ever before.

More information about RFID

RFID-Schutz_Grafik.jpg Do you want to know more about RFID technology? In our blog post you will learn about the range of RFID waves, what the difference is to NFC and how RFID works.

These cards can have the RFID radio chips

MasterCard-Kreditkarte icon  Bankkarten icon Elektronischer Personalausweis icon Reisepass iconMitarbeiterkarte icon

  • passport 
  • health insurance cards 
  • credit cards 
  • bank cards
  • identity card