Space Wallets - small wallet

Welcome to Walletania, our universe of small, unique Space Wallets. What you will find here is a variation of our wallet concept, which we created to make your daily life much easier and more comfortable. Every Space Wallet version has its advantages and it is up to you to find the one which fits your demands.

What All versions have in common is that they replace your bulky wallet with our compact Space Wallet and still allow you to have everything you need in your pocket. Each Space Wallet carries up to 15 cards, 20+ bills and depending on the version you chose, 6 to 12 coins. Due to its small size, you’re even able to carry it in your front pocket, which protects you from pickpocketing and you’ll never have to deal with baggy pockets again.

Whether you are, working out, at work, or enjoying your free time: Space Wallet is always a perfect match! To find out more information about a single version just hit the ‘view more’ button and learn why this version could be the Space Wallet you’ve been searching for.