Vegan Wallets

You're in the category of our vegan wallets. Here we proudly proudly present you our selection of vegan wallets. As with all Space Wallets, vegan wallets offer maximum capacity with minimum size. Up to 15 cards are inserted into the rear elastic band, banknotes are folded twice into the separate bill compartment and up to 12 coins find their place in the front coin compartment. This concept makes the vegan Space Wallets something very special. Carefully selected colours and attention to detail give the vegan wallets the finishing touch. New: kork-wallets!

Our vegan wallets variants

What our customers say about vegan Space Wallets

"I would buy it again but since it is very well processed it will probably take quite a while."

(Vegan Push)

- Havald

"Optimal size, which even fits in sport pants.

Ideal for those who do not want to lug around paraphernalia."

(Vegan Classic)


- Nico

Advantages of vegan wallets

Kein Schweinefleisch icon No renouncement of animal products: Vegan purses consist of 100% animal-free materials

Laubbaum icon Environmentally friendly: Vegan leather has a significantly lower CO2 balance than animal leather

Vertrauen icon Social responsibility: Free of toxic substances & no residues in the finished products

Garantie iconNo special care necessary: In contrast to genuine leather, vegan leather requires less care.

More information about vegan wallets

Which 4 simple tricks can be used to reliably distinguish vegan leather from real leather? How and from which material is artificial leather made? All you need to know about vegan wallets, you can read in our blog post.

Vegan Wallet & vegan purse

Vegan means sustainable, fair and free of animal materials. Vegan wallets are guaranteed to be 100% made of animal-free materials and therefore without animal suffering. The CO2 balance of a vegan purse is considerably lower than that of a leather purse. In addition, artificial leather requires less care and is very robust. Vegan wallets are no longer just for a small fringe group. Anyone can do something good for the environment with a vegan wallet and support sustainable production.

Impressions of vegan Wallets

Space Wallet Mini Geldbeutel vegan Space Wallet Mini Geldbeutel vegan Space Wallet Mini Geldbeutel vegan