Kleine Wallets mit anpassbarem NFC-Schutz

Small wallets with customizable NFC protection

In a world where digital payment methods such as credit cards, debit cards, and mobile payment services like Apple Pay and Google Pay are becoming increasingly popular, small wallets are perfectly designed to support this modern way of paying.

Advantages of Contactless Payment

The integration of contactless payment technologies like NFC (Near Field Communication) makes small wallets even more attractive to digital natives who prefer to pay quickly and conveniently. With just a simple hand movement, they can hold their card or smartphone to an NFC-enabled reader and make the payment effortlessly, without relying on cash.

Customizable NFC Protection? Yes, it's possible.

One special feature of Space Wallets is the flexible handling of NFC protection. The wallet itself does not provide protection. But thanks to the optional 2 protection cards, you can protect your cards from being read. Anything inside the cards definitely cannot be read. Anything outside the cards will still work: so you can also place your company access card outside, and it will work perfectly - no fumbling.

Just 9 grams "heavy"

With its compact design and quick access to cards and IDs, mini wallets are an ideal solution for traveling light.

At just 9 grams, our Space Wallet Classic is one of the lightest wallets available as a vegan wallet or made of leather.

Conclusion or who needs change anyway ;-)

By reducing the need for cash, a small wallet not only offers more convenience and comfort, but also additional security. Since cash is vulnerable to loss or theft, digital payment methods and small wallets can help minimize the risk of financial losses.

With their compact design, organization of digital payment methods, and integration of contactless payment technologies, they offer a practical and modern solution for everyday life.

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