Praktische Portemonnaies: Diese Eigenschaften müssen sie haben

Practical wallets:They must have these features

Hundreds of cards, unnecessary pieces of paper and tattered notes: there is a confusing chaos in many wallets. the bigger a wallet is, the more you put into it until the handbag or backpack reaches the weight of a dumbbell. on the other hand, many people, especially men, do without a wallet completely because it takes up too much space and doesn't fit in their trouser or jacket pockets. the result is flying coins, loose notes and lost shopping lists. the solution is actually obvious: you need a wallet that is small and clear, but still offers enough space for everything essential. in this article we explain what features practical wallets have and what you need to pay attention to when buying one.

The helpful guide for practical wallets

You are dissatisfied with your old wallet or it is slowly falling apart and it is time to invest in a new model. the new wallet should be elegant, stylish and useful and a helpful companion in everyday life. there has to be room for cash, credit cards and id without it looking too big and bulky. in many cases, the products look good, but the materials, interior layout and dimensions make little sense. but what exactly do you have to pay attention to when buying a wallet? we have listed details and features that make a practical wallet::

Wallet types: wallets should be this size

As diverse as people are, so are their wallets. many collectors love a large wallet in which to collect patches, receipts, theater tickets and business cards. minimalists, on the other hand, reduce everything to the essentials and only pack in what they absolutely need. there are different models for women, men and children, but also for different professional groups. neck pouches, fanny packs, waiter's wallets, folding wallets and mini wallets: the product range is large and the possibilities are endless. while classic men's models are thinner, you can pack half your household's worth in a typical women's wallet. but when it comes to which model is really practical, a smaller wallet is clearly ahead. because the bigger the wallet, the more space it needs.h.Kleine vegane Geldbörse mit Münzfach - Space Wallet Vegan Pull

Modern mini wallets are particularly practical for every gender. a big advantage of these handy products is their size. they are very small, light and thin, can be worn comfortably on the body and hardly take up any space in your bag. however, they still have space for several banknotes, many cards and sometimes even a coin compartment.

Leather, fabric or cork the best materiall

If you are looking for a new wallet, choosing the material is one of the first steps in addition to the size. the material of a wallet is not only crucial for its appearance, but also for the longevity of the product. a practical wallet can be used for many years without breaking. to give you an overview of the advantages and disadvantages, we will introduce you to the most popular material options for wallets:


  • Genuine Leather: Leather is one of the most popular materials for wallets. well-made genuine leather has an incomparable feel, looks stylish and is very robust. a high-quality leather wallet will last for years and can even be passed down through generations. products made from genuine leather can withstand moisture, dirt and cold and remain soft and supple. however, the material also requires a certain amount of care in order to maintain its beautiful appearance over the years. high-quality leather products also often have a high price.
  • Vegan Leather: Artificial leather has the advantage that no animals are killed in its production. high-quality vegan leather is very robust and durable and a good alternative for animal lovers and vegans. however, compared to real leather, it is less breathable and can wear more with frequent use. however, artificial leather is less sensitive to stains and moisture and requires less care.
  • Cork: Cork accessories are very trendy because the material is durable, environmentally friendly and a real eye-catcher. no tree or animal is killed in its production because cork is peeled and grows back on the tree over time. at the same time, cork products are very robust, dirt- and water-repellent and feel pleasantly soft. however, not everyone enjoys the unique rustic look of cork.
  • Metal: The metal wallet is a relatively new trend. new technologies have created models made of aluminum and titanium that are light, durable and very robust. a metal wallet is easy to clean and will hardly see any wear and tear over the years. at the same time, metal is inflexible and the edges can cause damage to pants and bags. such a wallet can also get very hot in the sun as metal conducts heat.
  • Material: The textile wallet impresses many people because of its low price. cotton, nylon and the like are also surprisingly light. however, compared to other materials, these products are not waterproof, are more difficult to clean and break quickly. a fabric wallet can impress with its design, but it won't last for many years.

Design and quality

When buying a new wallet, the most important thing is that you like it and that it will last for many years. you can recognize a high-quality wallet by the material, the workmanship and also the price. pay attention to the material of your choice and the seams. if the manufacturer offers a guarantee on its products, this is also a good sign of solid quality.

When it comes to appearance, many people opt for dark, inconspicuous colors so that the accessory fits with every outfit and all handbags. at the same time, the wallet is also an expression of your own style and personality. the classic black may be a good option for some, but many women and men like something more colorful and playful. a striking red or green can also help you quickly find your wallet in your pocket when paying. but always ask yourself whether you will still like a particular design in a few years. a minimalist version impresses with its elegance and never goes out of fashion.

Well thought out and sensible interior layout

When it comes to a wallet, it's not just the outside that counts, but also the inside! the interior should be sensible and well thought out so that you have the item you need immediately to hand. multiple slots are essential so that all cards and id cards can fit. there should also be an extra compartment for money and an optional coin compartment if you carry some with you. so when you buy your new wallet, be sure to look inside and test whether it really has room for everything you want to have with you at all times.

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