Warum Mini Wallets besser für Dich und deinen Anzug sind

Why mini wallets are better for you and your suit

How do you elegantly store your wallet, key ring and other important items in your suit? here you can find out how easy it is..

Problems with thick wallets in a suit

What is now ubiquitous in the pockets of men's jeans is an absolute no-go in suit pockets: carrying a heavy, thick wallet.

It's not just the lack of comfort that worries many men, but also the appearance. due to the thin and elegant material of the suit, the typical men's wallet really catches the eye and defaces even the most beautiful suit.

But that's not the only problem. the thin material of the suit pants wears out quickly. everyone knows the classic shape of the men's back pocket. at the beginning it's still chic and classy, ​​but the color of the fabric quickly fades until it finally tears. suit pants in particular are even more susceptible to this, which is why you should definitely avoid carrying a typical men's wallet in them.

The solution: mini wallet for the suit

Of course, narrow and small wallets are best for suits. these are not bulky and are almost invisible from the outside. due to the extremely compact processing mini wallets also significantly lighter than conventional wallets. So you can store them in your suit without worry and you won't feel them when you're sitting, standing or dancing!

And even though they are so small, they still offer space for the entire contents of your wallet. cards, notes and coins are stored in the smart wallet to save space.

Now where to put your space wallet in your suit?

Thanks to the compact processing of your new one Mini Wallets You can store them almost invisibly in almost all pockets.

Either you put the small wallet in the outer and inner breast pockets Jackett or the shirt, in the front trouser pocket, or in the classic way in the back pocket of the suit trousers. This means you have quick access in all situations and neither your comfort nor your appearance are affected.

Carefree and stylish in evening wear with space products

With the space wallet mini purses you can travel in style. thanks to the high-quality workmanship, your valuables are safely stored and guaranteed to be almost invisible in any suit.

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