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Travel wallet - 4 tips for safe money storage when travelling

In addition to beach vacations, backpacking trips, hiking vacations and city breaks are the most popular way to relax. cruises and ski holidays are less common. however, all types of vacation have one thing in common: thieves and criminals are always on the lookout for a careless traveler.

That's why it's extremely important to take the necessary precautions when planning your vacation and, among other things, think about a suitable travel bag/purse. even the best vacation can be ruined if you are robbed or threatened. here you will find out what you should consider when it comes to money on your next trip so that it is a wonderful experience.

#1 Choose a suitable travel wallet

Many people associate a travel wallet with a fanny pack that can be strapped around the waist and in which the wallet is stored. others prefer to keep the wallet in a breast pocket.

These classics will keep you on top of your money, but if you overdo it, you can easily turn into a kangaroo or armadillo. suddenly you feel like you're in kindergarten on a field trip where your mother put 3.50 in your wallet for candy. those days are over!!

If you are interested in one Mini Travel Wallet by choosing Space Products, you can store larger amounts of cash safely and easily, while also having elegant accessories that won't embarrass you.

There are plenty of storage options and you'll be ready for your next vacation. and unlike other dedicated travel wallets, it doesn't lose its usefulness and end up in the closet waiting for next year.

#2 Ensure safe transport

Store your travel wallet as close to your body as possible. thanks to the space wallets' extremely small dimensions of 7 x 5 x 1 cm, the possibilities are almost endless. from the front trouser pocket to the breast pocket in the shirt, you can even carry it in your bra or stockings. if you choose a larger wallet, don't carry it in your back pocket! even if it's just a little visible, you'll attract thieves.

Never show in public how much money you are carrying or leave your wallet open. this is extremely important, especially in well-known holiday regions, as you cannot avoid busy places and dense crowds.

#3 Use RFID protection

Rfid technologies are integrated into many credit cards today, which not only have the advantage of fast, contactless payment. there is also a risk that your data will be transferred unnoticed and fall into unauthorized hands.

However, you can easily protect yourself from this with an rfid blocker, which shields the waves from the outside. this also applies to your cell phone. never leave data connections such as bluetooth or nfc permanently switched on and always be careful, especially when using public wi-fi networks.

#4 Keep your money in different places

It is not uncommon for vacationers to take several hundred to thousands of euros in cash with them on their trip. partial payment in cash is often required, especially for accommodation in holiday apartments or for short-term bookings. even if you go on longer tours and move from city to city, it is unavoidable to take a large amount of cash with you.

That's why you should never keep all of your assets in one place - even if you have small amounts. even if your travel money is kept safe, there is always a risk. so only take what you need with you and leave the rest in the hotel room.

Long-distance travel is on the rise again and with it holidays in unknown countries. if you follow these 4 tips, the risk of something going wrong on your next vacation will be significantly reduced.

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