Minimalistisch packen: So planst du die Reise mit leichtem Koffer

Pack minimalistically:This is how you plan your trip with a light suitcase

Free as a bird, instead of packed like a donkey: especially if you travel by bus, train or plane, you can't take much with you. on the one hand, when traveling by air there are often baggage regulations and a maximum weight that may not be exceeded; on the other hand, there are also limits to the number of bags and suitcases that you can carry and roll at the same time. but even if you travel by car, you benefit from light luggage and a well-organized trunk. we'll show you how minimalist travel becomes child's play.

Travel with the essential

Minimalism is currently very trendy. people clear out their living spaces, make space in their closets and try to live consciously and mindfully with essential and important items. after all, less is more! when traveling, you can also use this motto to avoid annoying weight and huge suitcases and limit yourself to really essential things. if you've often wanted to pack minimalistically but ended up leaving with too much luggage, we have helpful tips here that are guaranteed to make minimalist packing a success.

Plan ahead of time and write a packing list

Planning is at least half the work! instead of clearing everything out, storing it on the bed and then packing half of it away again, write your own checklist using our tips. so you can decide for yourself what your must-haves are and what you really need on your trip. after all, every person and vacation is individual and what is essential for some travelers is unnecessary for others. work through all the important points one after the other and you won't lose track. it is also helpful not to start packing at the last moment, but a few days in advance. this way you'll notice in good time whether you're missing something or whether something needs to be washed quickly.

Backpack or suitcase?

Some always travel with a backpack, others swear by their small (or large) rolling suitcase. which bag you prefer is a matter of taste, because everyone travels differently and prefers different products. both types of luggage also have different advantages and disadvantages that you should take into account when making your choice.

The Backpack or Backpack are available in many different sizes. One advantage of the common models is that you can easily attach a sleeping bag, sleeping mat and tent to the outside, provided you are staying overnight at campsites. Shoes can usually also be stored in a separate compartment. Luggage is always carried on your back, so stairs and gravel roads are not an obstacle. The disadvantages, however, are that over time it can become quite difficult and your back suffers. You also can't store your clothes as clearly as you would in a suitcase and you can't see everything at a glance..

In The Rolling Suitcase However, everything is practically organized and you can find the item you are looking for more quickly. As a rule, you can fit more in it than in a backpack. The wheels make it easy to transport the suitcase without having to carry anything heavy. However, they are suboptimal for climbing stairs, hiking and on uneven roads.

Regardless of whether you choose a suitcase or backpack, a good trick to avoid taking a lot with you is to choose a smaller size than usual. because if you don't fit as much in it, you won't be tempted to take more with you at all.

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Consider travel location

If you want to pack minimalistically, it's worth paying special attention to the location of your trip. for example, if you fly to egypt in summer, you can do without a jacket and many long clothes. heavy shoes are also unnecessary and you are well equipped with flip-flops and a light pair of sneakers. for winter in the alps, however, you can leave out any short clothing and concentrate on warm clothes.

Think about it in advance, do your research and pay attention to your travel destination and the weather when writing your checklist. this saves you a lot of space in your luggage and avoids packing things that you don't end up using.

Pack only must-haves and use resources

Straighteners, nail polish and a large tube of shaving cream. there are things that are simply unnecessary when traveling. when working through your packing list, always ask yourself: will i really need this? this way, only things that you will actually use end up in your

Gadgets such as compression bags and packing cubes also help with efficient packing. they provide more space in your suitcase or backpack and create order. by keeping your stuff from flying around loose, you save yourself stress when searching for items. if you store your clothes in compression bags, it's easy to push out the air when you roll them and you can fit many more items in a small bag.

Pack outfits for five days

Who doesn't know it: you pack for two weeks and 14 t-shirts, pants and sweaters end up in your luggage. not only is this unnecessary, it also takes up valuable space in your suitcase that you could use for other things. instead, only pack 5 outfits that can be easily combined with each other and depend on the weather at your vacation destination. for example, if it is very warm, five t-shirts, a sweater and a thin summer jacket are enough. if you think you're going to run out of clothes, don't worry. many accommodations have washing machines that you can use to wash everything or there is a laundromat nearby. the same applies to choosing shoes. because they are heavy and take up a lot of space. instead of five pairs, just choose the ones you can't live without. and if you happen to be missing an item of clothing, you have a good excuse to shop!

Minimize toiletry bags

Shower gel, shampoo, body lotion and the like can take up a lot of space. since vacations and trips usually only last for a certain period of time, it is very impractical to take all the bottles with you. so that you don't have to go without, you can get small, reusable containers that you can fill again and again. many drugstores also have products in travel sizes, but these are not particularly ecological and often not the specific brands that you prefer. solid shower gel, shampoo and conditioner, which are very compact and last a long time, are also very practical and space-saving.

At the same time, think about which products you could do without on your trip. do you need an extra foot, hand and body cream or will one item suffice? when it comes to make-up, you can safely leave some things at home. this saves you a lot of space in your toiletry bag and suitcase..

Minimalist travel as a family

If you are traveling with children, you will have a few more things on your packing list. but even as a family you can pack successfully in a minimalist way and limit your trip to the essentials. of course, the age of the child or children is particularly important here.

Babies and toddlers often need extra equipment such as strollers, travel cots and high chairs. if you take everything with you, you'll quickly have your hands full. here are some tips for traveling with young children:

  • Can you get a compact buggy? there are even models that fit in the carry-on compartment of an airplane. you can skip the stroller completely and take a baby carrier with you insteadn?
  • Does your accommodation have a baby bed? or is there another bed that can be converted into pillows or chairs for the babyn?
  • Are there high chairs on site? could the child also eat in the buggy or is he or she already old enough to sit on a regular chair with a cushion?n?
  • You can buy diapers on site instead of taking some with you?

Older children don't need too many accessories, but they also don't want to miss out on their favorite toys. a great tip to avoid arguments is to have your own bag. a small (children's) backpack that the child already owns is sufficient for this. this can then be packed with toys, books and all things that the children think are important. and best of all: the child can carry their own personal bag during the trip.n.

Minimalist wallet for vacation

You can not only save on suitcases, backpacks and hand luggage when traveling, the right wallet is also important when packing minimalistically. depending on the size, a regular wallet can take up unnecessary space and contains bills, cards and paper that you can safely leave at home. to make your trip as carefree as possible, we recommend a small wallet that fits in any trouser pocket and still has different compartments for your cards and banknotes.

Ours are for minimalist travel Slim Wallets optimal! Simply choose the model and color that suits you and enjoy the benefits of an ultra-light and compact wallet. You have enough space for the most important cards and some cash and you can secure it with the practical tab and a carabiner to protect against theft.

Packing minimalistically for a trip may seem complicated at first, but with the right organization and a packing list, it can be easily accomplished. take a look at our tips, think about what is realistic for you and always take the weather and your travel destination into account. with a little practice, you can even travel with just hand luggage for several weeks!


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