Kleinster Geldbeutel der Welt: 10 Jahre Space Wallet!

Smallest wallet in the world:10 years of Space Wallet!

When going for a walk, doing sports or going out with friends: nobody wants to carry heavy luggage. However, the design of many wallets is anything but space-saving. Customer cards, driving licenses, ID cards and debit cards quickly pile up and hang like a lump in every pocket. That has to change, we thought over 10 years ago and set ourselves the goal of designing the smallest wallet in the world. After numerous hours of tinkering, we managed to bring the first mini wallets for men and women onto the German market in December 2013 and start an unstoppable trend. On the occasion of our big anniversary, we are introducing you to all the advantages of our high-quality products.

Mini Wallets: The smallest wallet in the world since 2013

Space for notes, cards and an (optional) coin compartment, but still so small that it easily fits into any trouser pocket: our mini wallet is celebrating a milestone birthday and has been making the lives of its users a little bit better for over 10 years. We were tired of bulky wallets bursting at the seams with coins and bills. Something practical was needed, made of high-quality materials and as small as possible. The rest is history! To date, we have sold over 100,000 wallets at Space Wallets and are constantly working on making our wallets even better and more innovative. With its incredible nine grams and dimensions of 7 x 6 x 1 cm, ours is Space Wallet Classic Probably the lightest and smallest wallet in the world! We will explain to you the features of our innovative wallet and why you can confidently say goodbye to your large wallet.

The many faces of mini wallets

The success of our first model showed us that there is a great need for compact wallets in Europe. Since everyone is different and has their own individual preferences, we set to work to create the right companion for every taste. In 2015 we brought the Pull version of the mini wallet onto the market, which offers a safe place for small change with an extra change compartment and a new elastic closure. In the same breath the... Push version created that impresses with its classic snap fastener. In order to delight women with a chic design, our small wallet has been available since 2017 Clutch design to buy. The cool two-tone model is a little more extravagant and eye-catching than our other wallets.

In addition to the different models, you can always choose the color and material of your choice. Simple in black and brown or colorful in red or blue, made of high-quality leather or completely vegan made of artificial leather or cork: At Space Wallet we have the right product for every customer.

Best quality meets innovative design

Compact format and sensible interior layout: a mini wallet has a lot to offer. The king of minimalists can be easily stored in any trouser or jacket pocket and sits comfortably on your body. Cards, cash and coins - you don't have to go without anything and at the same time you have maximum security because you carry everything very close to you. At the same time, you can use the wallet in a variety of ways. Not only in everyday life, but also when traveling, doing sports and going out, you will cut a good figure with the compact product. The workmanship and design of our models are also very high quality. Our mini wallets are all made entirely by hand in Europe and processed with selected materials. We even guarantee a 5-year durability on the high-quality elastic band, which holds up to 15 cards securely.

In addition to the external values, the internal values ​​also count. Our wallets allow you to always have everything important with you without losing track of your money and credit card. Up to 15 cards and several notes and coins fit in our space miracle without making your wallet heavy and unwieldy. If you are on the go and traveling more safety If you wish, you can secure your wallet firmly in your bag or backpack using the practical strap using a carabiner. This gives you additional protection against loss and theft.

Mini wallet made of high-quality leather

Leather is still one of the most popular materials for accessories like wallets and belts and there are good reasons for that. Well-made genuine leather has a wonderful feel, is very robust and looks great. At the same time, it can withstand wet, cold and dirt and always remains soft and supple. With the right care, leather wallets can even be passed down through generations.

Therefore was leather our first choice when developing our mini wallets. We love the durability, functionality and elegance of our high-quality items. We use lamb nappa leather and buffalo leather for our mini purses. These are particularly soft, flexible, supple and very tear-resistant.

Vegan Space Wallets: Completely cruelty-free

As soon as our first mini wallet made of real leather was on the market, we received many requests for a vegan version of the space wallets. Since we try very hard to do justice to all of our customers and at the same time are always on the lookout for new, sustainable production options, we started development straight away animal-free wallet.

Today you have the opportunity to choose between different vegan materials. If you love the look and feel of leather, you can choose one of our faux leather products. As with real leather, you can choose between different colors and models. If you are looking for a wallet with the smallest possible ecological footprint, our cork leather wallets are perfect for you. Cork is a renewable raw material for which no plants or animals are killed. Visit our online shop and discover what are probably the smallest wallets in the world!

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