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Sustainable gifts:sensible gift ideas for Christmas

Gifts bring joy, bring fun and create a deeper bond between people. it is not for nothing that it is popularly said: small gifts maintain friendship. but in this day and age of climate change and global warming, other aspects such as sustainability and environmental friendliness are also coming to the fore when giving gifts. more and more people are trying to buy consciously and mindfully and reduce their consumption as much as possible. but no gift is also no solution! after all, christmas only comes once a year and you want to make your loved ones happy. the solution: sustainable gifts that are meaningful and beautiful at the same time. in this article you will find out all the tips for sustainable giving.n.

These criteria are important when choosing sustainable gifts

For many people, the sustainable zero-waste lifestyle is more than just a trend, but a motto that they live by in their entire everyday lives. the economy and excessive consumption are largely responsible for environmental and air pollution. on the other hand, those who live mindfully and minimalistically protect the planet, contribute effectively to co2 reduction, protect plants and animals and secure essential resources for future generations.n.

According to the motto reduce, reuse, recycle, the following is always considered before a new purchase: do i really need it? do i already have something that i can use for it? and if so, can i recycle it afterwards? similar to private use, there are also some sustainable gifts important questions:htig:

Do i give time or something material??

There are more and more sustainable products, but sustainable consumers in particular are asking about the meaning of material gift ideas. do i absolutely have to give away an item or are there great ideas for intangible gifts? time doesn't have to be produced industrially and harms the environment even less than ecological, organic, vegan, fair and sustainable gifts..

What material is the gift made of??

If you decide on material gifts, the question arises about the material. how long will the gift last? does it break easily? can it be recycled afterwards? ideally, sustainable gifts last a lifetime. if this statement seems absurd to you, think about how our ancestors used the same everyday objects such as wallets, brushes, safety razors, jewelry and even clothes throughout (almost) their lives. a high-quality gift made of stainless steel, glass and wood has the potential to last for decades, unlike plastic, glitter and the like.Co.

When purchasing, you can also consciously choose the more sustainable product. is there a plastic-free alternative how much does the environment suffer as a result of my gift idea a fair trade, gots-certified sweater made of organic cotton performs significantly better in terms of environmental friendliness than a polyester top from bangladesh or india.n.

How long will the christmas present be used for??

This raises the question of benefit. many gifts look good, but are not really needed and quickly end up unused in a drawer. it is therefore best to focus exactly on the needs of the person you want to give a gift to. does she have a hobby that she has been doing for a long time? does she like cooking? does she love board games? a gift idea that may not seem so sustainable at first glance, but will be used for a long time and a lot, is better than a decorative item that acts as a dust catcher .rt.

Where does the gift come from??

If you are looking for sustainable gifts, the production conditions are usually important. in which country was the item made? was the gift produced fairly and the workers paid appropriately? while large companies are very profit-oriented, small manufacturers are often interested in their employees and the quality of the products. the country of production is also important. products that have to fly halfway around the world are not as sustainable as gifts made in germany or europe.n.

How do i wrap the gift??

Wrapping paper is only produced to be thrown away after a single use. that's why most zero-waste conscious people consistently avoid it. many sustainable gifts come in beautiful packaging made from recycled materials so you can save yourself the hassle of wrapping. alternatively, you can simply use paper from newspapers and magazines.n.

Who do i have to give something to for christmas??

At christmas, families and friends come together and gifts are exchanged. this is why many people panic about completing all their errands in time before the festival. but everyone has to give something to everyone. how about if everyone got a nice and personal gift instead of five little ones? in order to save yourself stress, costs and unnecessary presents, many families and circles of friends simply give weight. set a budget, draw names and get a nice sustainable gift for a specific person. so everyone gets something nice and can be happy.n.

Five sustainable gift ideas for christmas

Sustainability is no longer just for eco-friendly people. living a little more consciously and mindfully makes sense and can be easily integrated into everyday life. if you are just starting your sustainable journey and are overwhelmed by finding suitable gift ideas, here are five sustainable gifts that are guaranteed to bring joy:


Vouchers and shared activities: You can tailor this gift perfectly to the person you are giving the gift to. depending on your loved one’s preferences and hobbies, create a nice voucher for a (shared) activity. a sauna and spa day, outdoor climbing, going to the cinema, mountain biking, attending a concert or simply a barbecue evening in your own garden. your creativity knows no limits!


Donations and sponsorships: Give a gift and support a good cause at the same time. this sustainable gift is perfect for people who already have everything! give one away Sponsorship for penguin, whale and tiger, leave one Tree in colombia plant or help one Child to school to go. There is hardly a better gift idea for Christmas than doing something good for the planet.


Sustainable Cork Wallet: If you are looking for a material christmas gift that is made from a sustainable material and is guaranteed to last, our cork mini wallet is a nice idea. practical, environmentally friendly and a real eye-catcher, it fits in every trouser and jacket pocket and still has enough space for cards and notes. in our online shop you will find different colors and designs.


Sustainable Treats: After all, the way to love is through your stomach! chocolate, pralines and marzipan taste great and can be quickly recycled by eating them. of course, sweets must be chosen that come from ecological, sustainable and fair production. there are now a large number of providers who ensure that the cocoa beans are fair trade and the packaging is made exclusively from recyclable materials.


Key Case: The gift you didn't know you needed! if you're looking for a christmas gift that's practical, lasts for decades and is exceptional, a key case is a smart idea. it organizes your keys, protects your clothes and fits in any pocket. the high-quality leather design is particularly robust and can withstand a lot. a wonderful gift for christmas or a birthday!


The search for sustainable gift ideas may seem complicated at first, but with our tips and suggestions you will have acquired extensive knowledge to find the right gifts. set a budget, think about who you want to give gifts to and plan in advance. this is how a sustainable christmas becomes a success.

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