Veganes Leder: Pflege und effiziente Reinigung

Vegan leather:care and efficient cleaning

Whether vegan shoes, wallets, bags or clothing: vegan leather is very trendy! in recent years, the fashion industry has increasingly relied on imitation leather as a cruelty-free, environmentally friendly alternative to leather made from animal skins. the result is a wide range of items that are high quality, durable and look at least as good as genuine leather products.

Similar to real leather, vegan leather alternatives also need care and attention so that they last for a long time. frequent use can cause stains and dirt on shoes, jackets and bags, and environmental influences such as rain take a toll on the material. through regular care, you can extend the lifespan of your products and enjoy them for a long time. in this article we will show you how to optimally treat vegan leather so that your items shine in new splendor.

Vegan leather: how to care for different materials

Not all vegan leather is the same: there are many different variants, which are made from other raw materials. Synthetic leather, pineapple leather, imitation suede, apple leather, cactus leather and cork: Depending on the type, imitation leather textiles have different properties and need to be cleaned and cared for differently. We have summarized the most important tips and tricks for care, cleaning and the right accessories for you depending on the material. This way you can see at a glance how best to treat your leather alternative.

Synthetic Leather

The smooth upper material with a supple surface has similar properties to smooth leather. therefore, synthetic leather needs regular moisture to maintain its elasticity and not become brittle.

Coarse dirt can often be removed with a soft brush or mild soap and a damp cloth. if you want to care for vegan shoes, we recommend using a vegan shoe polish in the right color for scuff marks and discoloration. it also makes sense to treat your shoes with a vegan shoe polish once a month. this means the imitation leather retains its suppleness.

Imitation Suede

Imitation suede is very popular and is often found in shoes, furniture and textiles. the material reacts sensitively to wetness and moisture and should remain as dry as possible even when cleaning. therefore, if there are stains, it is advisable to let everything dry thoroughly before using the cleaner. you can then scrub in spots with a soft brush. if the dirt is particularly stubborn, you can treat the area carefully with a sponge, mild soap and a little cold water. there are also special vegan cleaning products that you can use to carefully clean the fabric. always pat the wet areas dry immediately and make sure that the imitation suede does not get too wet. this means there are no unsightly water stains on the leather alternative.

Pineapple Leather

Pineapple leather is a very popular material, especially for vegan shoes, because it is very robust. a soft brush or a damp cloth and, if necessary, a mild soap are suitable for cleaning. with shoes, as with synthetic leather, a vegan shoe polish should be used once a month to maintain their suppleness.


Cork is naturally a very easy-care material because it is highly robust and water-repellent. however, it should not be completely soaked when cleaning. dirt and stains can be quickly cleaned with a cloth and mild soapy water. you can efficiently remove heavier impurities that have penetrated deep into the pores with a shoe brush or toothbrush and a little baking soda.

Can you waterproof vegan leather??

Just like real leather, vegan leather can also be treated with waterproofing sprays or other products to make it more waterproof. although commercially available sprays are not good for the environment, they significantly extend the life of vegan shoes, especially. with a protective layer, they ensure that water and dirt are kept away from the upper material and make cleaning easier for you. however, you should avoid waterproofing sprays for real leather because they contain fats that vegan leather cannot absorb. if environmental protection is particularly important to you, there is also a selection of waterproofing products that do not contain any chemicals or propellants.

Caring for vegan leather: helpful tips at a glance

Once you've read our article, you'll be ready to successfully care for your vegan leather products. finally, here you will find a few more little tips on how to handle these textiles correctly.

  • Do not place wet vegan products such as shoes, bags or leather jackets directly on or under a heater to dry. this can make the material brittle and attack the adhesive. direct sunlight should also be avoided for drying.
  • Always use soft brushes to clean vegan leather. this way you avoid scratches on the material.
  • When cleaning vegan leather, always use water sparingly and always try to brush out dirt first when it is dry.
  • Never wash vegan imitation leather in the washing machine. this can damage the surface and loosen adhesives.

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