Sorgenfrei im Urlaub: Welcher Reisegeldbeutel ist diebstahlsicher?

Worry-free on vacation:Which travel wallet is theft-proof?

Some countries and cities are repeatedly noticed by negative travel reports in which holidaymakers were robbed or even attacked by pickpockets. even the best vacation can turn into a nightmare if cash, important cards or your passport are suddenly gone. of course you want to do everything you can to avoid such an incident. in addition to helpful tips on how to behave inconspicuously, there are a number of wallets that are superior to normal wallets in terms of functionality and security. even the best wallet can't completely protect you from theft, but with the right models you can make it particularly difficult for thieves to get to your wallet. we'll give you tips on how to get through your vacation safely and show you which type of travel wallet is theft-proof.

Traveling: the right behavior for more safety

The best wallet won't protect you against theft and loss if you're not at least a little careful when you're abroad. depending on your behavior as a tourist, you will more or less become a target for criminals. with these rules of conduct you won't attract attention so quickly:

  • Never leave your wallet lying around open: It goes without saying, but you should never lose sight of valuables. use the safe in the hotel room and never leave your wallet lying open on a table, at a bar or when paying without you holding it.
  • Take as little as possible with you: You should only carry what you urgently need with you in your travel purse. a credit or debit card is sufficient, too much cash is unnecessary and you don't need to carry your id, driver's license and passport with you all the time.

  • Be inconspicuous: Tourists usually attract attention involuntarily. try to keep a low profile, especially when it comes to money. don't take out a wad of banknotes when paying, act confidently and look like you always know where you are.

  • Avoid Outside Compartments: Important utensils and valuables such as wallets should never be stored in easily accessible compartments such as the outside compartment on the backpack. it's better to carry your wallet directly on your body.

  • Avoid unsafe places: Especially at night, you should stay away from streets and small, dark alleys that you don't know. find out in advance which areas are safe and avoid dubious neighborhoods without having a local with you.

  • Be careful when drinking alcohol and partying: Drunk people are easy victims for con artists and pickpockets. if you go out to party, pay attention to how much alcohol you drink and it's best to go with someone or a group.


What makes a travel wallet theft-proof??

Many people leave their large wallet at home while on vacation or traveling and prefer to use a smaller, handy travel wallet. depending on the size and details, there are items that are particularly impressive in terms of safety. but what features does a wallet have to have in order to keep your valuables safe on vacation? you can find an overview of the most important ones here::

  • Small and fine: When it comes to travel wallets, the motto is the smaller the better. . Small Purses are easier to hide, disappear inconspicuously in your trouser or jacket pocket and still offer space for a few cards and some cash.

  • Coin Compartment: A coin compartment is always practical when traveling so that loose change doesn't end up flying around in your bag.
    • RFID protection: Data theft can also be a problem when traveling. with a corresponding reader or app, the fraudster can read data and even transfer money from your account. there are wallets that have integrated rfid protection or special rfid cards that you can put in your travel wallet for security. read more about this in our blog article: “Card security: this is how useful an rfid wallet is”.
    • Loop or chain: Travel purses are particularly secure if they have a strap, loop or chain that can be used to secure them to your pants, belt, pockets or wrist.
      • Good quality, robust material: Loose card slots, tears and defective fasteners mean that ec cards, notes and coins go missing quickly. it's better to invest a little more in a good wallet that stays functional for a long time and doesn't break easily.


      Space Wallet Push Cork - nachhaltiges, veganes Mini Wallet mit Münzfach aus Kork

      Small travel wallet for essential valuables

      Small travel wallets are very practical when abroad. not only do you save space and weight, but you make it harder for people to find your money when searching through your bags and backpacks. they can be stored in the smallest compartments, do not immediately catch the eye or can be easily and conveniently carried in your trouser pocket.

      These are exactly the kinds of mini wallets we have Mini Wallets. They fit in every trouser and jacket pocket, offer plenty of space for cards and cash and look great at the same time. A practical tab allows you to attach the wallet to your clothing or bag with a carabiner so that it is not easily stolen. You can choose between different versions with many designs, colors and materials, so that you can choose the right wallet for you according to your personal taste.

      Neck pouches, belt bags and bum bags

      They may not have a particularly cool image, but belt bags and neck pouches are still the classic travel purses. and rightly so! this type of wallet impresses with its helpful features and functionality. small models like ours small belt bag You can wear it discreetly under your T-shirt or sweater and keep your valuables safe there. This means you have your back and shoulders completely free and your valuables always ready to hand on your belt.

      Bum bags are currently very trendy again and can be found in a variety of designs and colors. although they cannot be hidden as well as a belt bag and neck pouch, they still allow you to carry all your valuables clearly and safely on your body.

      Kleine, elegante Bauchtasche für Frauen und Männer aus Leder: Space Brace. Schwarz oder zweifarbig.

      RFID protection against data theft

      You should not only protect your cash when traveling, but also your credit cards and debit cards. because now someone with a smartphone and the appropriate app can read your data quickly and unnoticed. in the worst case scenario, the perpetrator manages to withdraw money from your cards without you noticing. to avoid this invisible data theft, rfid protection is recommended. there are travel wallets that have protection built right into them. depending on what you find more practical, you can simply get one RFID protection card put it in your wallet.

      Bluff wallet against theft

      The perpetrators are not always pickpockets who secretly try to steal your wallet or cash from your pocket. sometimes you find yourself in the wrong place at the wrong time and become the victim of a robbery. if a thief with a knife or weapon confronts you, you don't want to take any risks, you want to get out of the situation. the quickest way to do this is to hand over your wallet immediately.

      If you feel unsafe as a vacationer, you can carry around a bluff wallet. simply take an old wallet and put a small amount of cash in it and one or two expired cards that you no longer need. if you find yourself in a dangerous situation, you can take your wallet out of your pocket and hand it to the perpetrator. if the thief wants to disappear straight away, as usual, this tactic will work and you'll only be out of a little money instead of losing your real wallet with id, credit cards and money.n.

      Conclusion: these travel wallets won't let you down

      Depending on what suits you personally, a small travel purse, a belt bag or a neck pouch is the right product to get you through your vacation safely. if the worst comes to the worst, you can use a bluff wallet to trick the perpetrator, but don't take any big risks. don't forget that at the end of the day, your life is more important than your valuables. although the theft of a wallet is very annoying, always remember that your life and physical integrity are always more significant than material things. if necessary, you can still cope with the loss of valuables, even if it is annoying.

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