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Do you think it's time your child learned how to handle money? Are you looking for a nice children's wallet for this purpose? Then you've come to the right place at Spaceproducts. With us you will not only find practical and beautiful designs that meet your child's taste, you will also receive all the information you need to order the perfect wallet for your child.

Children's wallet by Spaceproducts

Learning to be independent with your own children's wallet

Having their own children's wallet can be a great opportunity for children to make their first experiences with money. In the children's purse they can keep their pocket money, stow away their ticket for the way to school or collect small treasures. It is important that the children's wallet is not only practical, but also designed to appeal to children. Our children's wallets are specially tailored to the needs of children and, in addition to sufficient space for banknotes and coins, also offer practical compartments for the ticket or the daycare card. Thanks to the child-friendly design, having your own children's wallet is not only fun, it also promotes your child's independence and sense of responsibility.

Brustbeutel für Kinder aus weichem Leder: Space Wally. Rückseite mit Klarsichtfach

Children's wallet:sustainability meets functional design

Nachhaltigkeit ist uns wichtig. Aus diesem Grund gibt es bei uns eine große Auswahl an Kinder Portemonnaies, die aus umweltfreundlichen Materialien hergestellt sind. Doch auch in puncto Design und Funktionalität müssen unsere Kinderportemonnaies keine Kompromisse eingehen. Von der praktischen Geldbörse bis hin zum stylischen Brustbeutel zum Tragen am Hals, jedes Portemonnaie überzeugt durch seine hochwertige Verarbeitung und sinnvolle Konzeption. Schau auch einmal auf unsere Website und entdecke Kindergeldbeutel in verschiedenen Formen, Größen und Farben: Von klassischen Geldbörsen bis hin zu praktischen Kinderbörsen für den nächsten Familienurlaub - hier wirst du fündig. Doch das ist längst nicht alles! Dank modernster Technologien und Einstellungen kannst du deine Suche noch weiter verfeinern und das Kinder Portemonnaie zum Beispiel nach bestimmten Themen oder Designs filtern.

frequently asked Questions

What size should a children's wallet be?

A children's wallet must not be too big and not too small. It should offer enough space for banknotes, coins and possibly also a ticket, but at the same time it should be handy and comfortable to carry. It shouldn't be too difficult either. For example, a good size would be a purse that fits in the palm of your hand.

What material is recommended for children's wallets?

The material of a children's wallet should be robust and durable, as it has to withstand the daily stress. In addition, it must not contain any toxins or cause allergic reactions. A good choice would be one made of leather or a similarly durable material. Purses made from recycled plastic or sustainable cork are also good options.

Will my child learn how to handle money with a wallet?

Having your own children"s purse is a great way to start teaching children how to handle money. In this way, your child will learn how to save money, store it and spend it wisely. One way is to pay out the pocket money at regular intervals and think together about how best to use it. Even small household chores could be rewarded with some cash to better convey the value.