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Nowadays, we often carry a lot of highly sensitive data with us - presenting a great opportunity for data theft. To protect you from this, there are wallet protection cards that you can use to protect your credit card information. Find out everything you need to know about RFDI protection cards and RFDI blocker cards here at Spaceproducts, so that the security of your data is always guaranteed.

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RFID protection card

Main material: Plastic, Aluminum

Made in: Turkey

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Protection cards for your mini wallet

What is an RFID protection card?

Nowadays, many cards that we use every day are equipped with an RFID chip. This enables data to be read out quickly and easily, but it also harbors the risk of someone accessing this data unnoticed. This is where the RFID protection card in card format comes into play:This card blocks signals and thus prevents third parties from reading EC cards or credit cards. An anti-RFID card is essentially a small jammer that interferes with the would-be thief's reader. The card emits a signal that interferes with the RFID frequency and renders the information on the reader unreadable. As a result, there is no longer any way of accessing the data stored on the card. At Spaceproducts you will find protection cards that easily fit in your wallet and protect your data.

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How does an RFID protection card work?

The card automatically blocks RFID signals in a certain radius around the card, which is also called RFID blocking. However, it is important to note that an RFID blocking card cannot block all types of RFID signals. Some cards, such as EC cards or credit cards with NFC, have a higher frequency and can therefore not be completely blocked by the card. In this case, you should also use a protective cover for your cards to ensure full protection. We also recommend testing the RFID blocker before use. For this you need an RFID reader, which can be bought in many shops. Position the protection card near the device along with an unprotected card. If it can read the unprotected card, but not the card with the RFID protection, your blocker card is working properly.

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